Another way to experience sceneries

Cherry blossoms


ITP Spring Show 2012


Today’s the last day for the ITP Spring Show. Last chance to see awesome stuff.


Scnery Project: Hanami will be at the ITP Spring Show 2012

Come see this and many other great projects by the students of ITP next week!

Project: Hanami

“Hanami” which is Japanese for Cherry Blossom viewing is a way to experience the short fleeting beauty of cherry blossoms. Using the Xbox Kinect to track the user around a given space, the video will change.

Welcome to the Scnery Project

Scnery is a student project from the Computational Cameras class at the Interactive Telecommunications Program at NYU.

Using the Xbox Kinect with Processing, a java based programming platform the Scnery project is an attempt to make beautiful scenes accessible for anyone to experience.